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on camera

Researchers have come up with a way to detect spycams — tiny, wireless digital cameras so small they can be easily hidden.

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Spy camera
Inspiring Innovation and Creativity
students with solar heater

Soda can solar heat

Mechanical Engineering students built a soda can solar heater to show how recycled cans could help heat a tiny house for the homeless. Read the story.

Teshome and his son Robel

‘Family’ health care

Teshome Shikesso received his BSN from UW Bothell in 2014, and now his son Robel Anshebo is following his lead, sharing his dream. Read the story.

Jessica Nguyen

Mastering cybersecurity

One of the Husky 100, Jessica K. Nguyen took computer science to the next level in the Master of Science in Cybersecurity Engineering program. Meet Jessica Nguyen.

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